Meet and greet

'The leader'

A born leader is great because of his authenticity and his potential to be better every day. A great opportunity to be the best version of himself every day and he motivates his team to give guests an unforgettable experience. – Niels Wichers

'The shaker'

The man who shakes behind the bar, with passion for cocktails and details in presentation. No one can prepare your drink as perfect as he. If you like an extra show, just order another one! – Wout Wagemakers

'The Stirrers'

A cheesy smile, a wink to every food looking girl and good-looking fella; he is a real charmer. They like to stir things up! Ladies (and fellas) be careful; you will be swept off your feet.  – Daan & Pascal

'The secret hostess'

Behind the scenes, but never unseen. She is the lady who runs the business, but never stands behind the bar. She has true love for the bar and guests. And is a kind and true hostess. – Nienke Westerhoff

'The gastronome'

With his crazy ideas of food, flavor and taste he creates a true sensation, especially for you. Lean back and enjoy. You will experience more than just good food. – Miguel Sakarov Miguel

'The Masterchef'

The master mind behind all the special dishes. He knows how to let guests enjoy and surprise them again and again. Combinations that you have never tasted before. – Martijn Brugman