Manhattan Sweet, Dry or Perfect

The classic cocktail is named after the neighbourhood Manhattan in New York. The taste of fine bourbon with a little touch of herbs and Vermouth sweet, dry or perfect 12.75

Royal Margarita

They say it is a “nicer” way to drink your tequila. The sour of fresh lime juice and the sweetness of an orange liqueur balance out the strongness of the wood aged tequila 12.50

Espresso Martini Indian Touch

The Original espresso Martini was created for a woman in London. She walks into her bar and says to her bartender: “I want to have a drink that wakes me up, and f*cks me up at the same time!”. This variation is created with homemade coco’s infused rum, espresso and the sweet and salty flavour of an Indonesian specialty 11.75


Dark ‘n Stormy

As for the name the Dark ‘n Stormy, it was attributed to a sailor who, while enjoying the cocktail, commented that it was the colour of a cloud only a fool or a dead man would sail under 9.50

Basil Smash

A classic with a twist. Instead of gin we use vodka, our home made honey, ginger, basil syrup and Elderflower liqueur. A little sour makes this a very refreshing cocktail with a lot of flavours 10.50


They call it “the perfect tequila serve”. The drink originated in the little town of tequila in Jalisco. The taste of a proper 100% blue agave tequila blanco, freshness of lime and the sweet carbonation of Coca Cola 10



Experience the science yourself. From blue to pink and from normal to bubbling. Try to pour the right ingredients from the test tubes 14.50

Fire vs Ice

Who is going to win today, fire or ice? A warm autumn taste, with the softness of aged rum and the strangeness of overproof rum. A little sugar and lime gives this drink a warm balanced taste 14.50

Smoked Old Fashioned

When you say cocktails, you say old fashioned. A very classic cocktail with fine bourbon. We add some sugar, bitters and a touch of smoke 13.50

Roasted Pineapple Martini

A cocktail based on the well-known pornstar Martini. A creamy and sweet cocktail, with the taste of fresh pineapple. For balance we serve a small glass of dry brut champagne alongside 11.50

Rosemary Mezcal Negroni

A variation on a classic appetizer with a bitter sweet taste. We infuse Campari with fresh rosemary, add some mezal, a smokey agave spirit and a nice original sweet vermouth 13.75


Nolet Silver

With a cinnamon, liquorice stick & Thomas Henry Tonic Water 12.50

Tanqueray Ten

With juniper berry, lemon peel & Thomas Henry Tonic Water 10.50

Diplomatico Planas White

With coffee beans, coconut flakes & Thomas Henry Tonic Water 8.50

Willems Wermoed Original Sweet

With dried figs & Thomas Henry Tonic Water 8.50

Arette Blanco

With fresh lime & Thomas Henry Elderflower Tonic Water 9.50

Zuidam Old Tom

With orange & Thomas Henry Elderflower Tonic Water 9