In the sun

Sunny sweet 11.75

This cocktail has the rich sweet taste of apricots ripened in the sun nicely balanced with a fresh gin and a homemade sweet and sour speciality.

Frosé 10.00

Originating in New York, this rosé cocktail is the ideal drink to cool down and relax after a hard day’s work.

Mai tai 11.50

The sweetness of orange and almond with the warm taste of an aged rum makes this famous cocktail exactly what Mai tai means in Tahitian: good.

Caiprinha 10.00

This traditional cocktail from Brazil was first seen as a medicine. Now a days it’s the preferred drink during family barbeques and the ideal thirst quencher on hot days.

Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri 12.50

Originated on the beach of Santiago in Cuba, this Rum based drink is both fruity and refreshing. The strawberries add a little sweetness, whilst the lime juice makes it well balanced.


Vesper 11.50

The vesper, thought of by famous spy 007 during a poker game and named after his love, is a variation on his usual drink. The vodka martini. The warm sweet taste of the Lillet blanc gives this cocktail a nice round finish.

Stirred not shaken!

Spicy 1605 12.50

This cocktail, attributed to chartreuse, is the ideal way to start your evening and work up an appetite.

There are different types of chartreuse but the base of all of them is the “elixir”. The recipe of the elixir came in possession of monks in 1605 and was considered ancient even back then.

With 130 different herbs and spices the chartreuse liquors belong to the most complex recipes among drinks. We add some orange, fresh lime and a little touch of red peppers to complement the spiciness

Tonka Americano 11.50

A variation on a classic appetizer with a bitter sweet taste. We use our homemade Tonka bean infused bitters to ensure an optimal experience. The original “Americano” was first thought of by Gaspar Campari.

The story goes that it was named the Americano because the Americans seemed to favour the drink. In the 20’s, more likely, it is said that it derived from the Italian word “amaro” which means bitter.

Sereh going Dutch

We use proper jenever infused with lemon grass, the fruitiness of kiwi and a nutty twist for the bite.


Smoked Whiskey sour 12.50

A true American original. Made up from whiskey, the freshness of lemons and caramel finish. We add a little smoke to extend the taste of the cocktail.

Roast melon martini 12.00

A cocktail based on the well-known pornstar Martini. A creamy and sweet cocktail, with the taste of fresh Melon. For balance we serve a small glass of dry brut champagne alongside.

Chemistry 14.50

Experience the science yourself. From normal to bubbling. Try to pour the right ingredients from the test tubes. If you follow the instructions, you will experience a sour candy taste.

Pineapple martini 12.00

This cocktail combines the sweetness of pineapple with the freshness of raspberry.


Espresso Martini 11.75

The Original espresso Martini was created for a woman in London. She walks into her bar and says to her bartender: “I want to have a drink that wakes me up, and f*cks me up at the same time!”.

Also try our espresso martini Indian touch or Mexican style

Apres le Hoppe 12.50

Once there was a lady sitting at the bar, here name was lady Hoppe, she shouted from far “after dinner I like a drink, I love amaretto what do you think?” Bourbon is fine but there is a limit. Stir it around till you have the right spirit.

Cheasy pleasy 11.50

After wine and port it is time for a cocktail to accompany the cheese board!


Pink paloma 11.50

A Mexican favourite, sweet, sour, salty and slightly bitter

Dark & Stormy 10.00

The story goes that sometime after World War 1, the Dark ‘n Stormy was born. Its roots lay in a Ginger Beer factory that was run by the Royal Naval Officer’s Club. The sailors soon discovered that a hefty splash of the local Gosling’s Black Seal rum was a great addition to the Ginger Beer. As for the name the Dark ‘n Stormy, it was attributed to a sailor who, while enjoying the cocktail, commented that it was the colour of a cloud only a fool or a dead man would sail under

Horse's neck with a kick 11.00

Dating back to the 1890s, it was a non-alcoholic mixture of ginger ale, ice and lemon peel. By the 1910s, brandy, or bourbon would be added for a “Horse’s Neck with a Kick”

Tom Collins 11.00

One of the first gin based cocktails, properly prepared: Just the classic way. A dyr gin, sweet and sour, shake and pour.

Moscow Mule 11.00

This New York originated drink comes in a lot of varieties. We sere him with Dutch grain Vodka, add the freshness of lime juice and top the drink with a slightly spicy ginger beer